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Our Story Begins in Zionsville, IN

It was John Muir who said, “Behind every two pines is a doorway to a new world.” The goal of my company is to help others unlock that doorway and find peace in a very chaotic world. Any hobby brings moments when people need help and backyard birding is no exception.

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Meet Ted

I started Custom Backyard Birding Solutions in 2015, in Zionsville, Indiana because I found nature lovers struggling to attract beautiful birds to their yards, while trying to prevent other critters from eating all of their seed and damaging their feeders.  Rather than peace, I saw stress that I instantly wanted to alleviate.


Birds have been a passion of mine for 35 years and I love to share that passion with others.  I know what attracts birds in our area, when they are likely to arrive, and which products they prefer, while deterring undesired visitors. This hobby has wonderful surprises for those that embrace the experience and all that it has to offer.  


I love to learn new things, read, watch documentaries and go birding with my son and wife.  We very much enjoy traveling, but prefer spending time with our cat and dog around our house while enjoying the birds. 

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