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Live At One With Nature

Relax at home and enjoy your featured friends with feeder setups, weekly fillings and endless care.


"Get Back To Nature"

Premium Feeder Fillings

We offer customized scheduled visits to fill feeders on a regular basis throughout the year. We additionally offer vacation fillings and checkups to make sure your feeders stay full with fresh seed that is nutritious, seasonal and of the highest quality. 


Receive fresh FREE weekly seed deliveries!


 Did you know? 1 in 4 Americans feed birds with feeders. 

Habitat Consultation

Let us take the stress out of the hobby so that you can sit back and experience the peace that comes with nature. Get a FREE habitat consultation with expert recommendations on feeders, houses, seed types and hardware best suited for your own backyard habitat needs.

Custom Feeder Installation

With durability and flexibility in mind, we will select feeders that are the best purchases in the long run for our customers.

Ted Fixing Feeders Cropped (1).jpg

Product Delivery

We deliver bags of seed, suet, feeders, or hardware at your convenience.  This is a popular service in tandem with feeder fillings.

Contact us today to receive fresh FREE weekly seed deliveries!


Ongoing Feeder Cleanings

We clean feeders of all types to help protect birds from mold, bacteria, and diseases.  After we disassemble the feeders we use natural enzymes to help break down hard to remove buildup and gunk.

brush cleaning.jpg

Critter Control

We know how to keep critters off of feeders, so that you can enjoy seeing the birds. By understanding bird behavior, we are able to select the optimal location for feeder placement to avoid predators and increase your bird viewing options. 


“I used Ted's service last summer and was blown away with his knowledge and expertise. His suggestions and placements have brought me so much joy and entertainment. I keep going back to him for more help...this winter he placed a bluebird house and feeding station so I'm looking forward to them joining the rest of the flock.”


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