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Birds Connect With Everyone

Custom Feeder Services For The Business Community


Our experts handle everything from start to finish, customizing feeder selection by habitat and birds in the vicinity.  We choose and order the best type of seed based upon the migrational time of the year, coming year round in all types of weather to keep feeders full and clean. Throughout the year we'll rotate feeders to offer variety for customers and cater to different species. 

Common Setups:

  • Nursing homes

  • Schools

  • Offices

  • Walking areas

  • Bike paths

  • Courtyards


“Ted set up bird feeders at our school and every morning we are greeted by dozens of birds at the feeder before school starts.  I love to drink my coffee and watch their behavior as they fly in for a bite.”


  • What are all of the services that you provide and what does it entail?
    We will come to your place and take a look at your yard and assess the type of habitat that you have. We will give you a general idea as to what species you will be able to attract and explain what feeders would work best. At that point we can install and setup up as many feeders, houses, poles systems, and birdbaths as you want. We will fill up your feeders with the highest bird food products and then you can wait for the birds to show up over the next few days. As they eat more and more over time the seed will need to be replenished and we can deliver seed directly to you and even fill up the feeders as often as you would like. Over time the feeders will need to be deep cleaned and we clean them with natural enzymes and products. We inspect and repair feeders throughout the seasons. We offer these services year-round in all weather conditions.
  • My family just moved here and I don’t know what kind of birds we have here.  We are kind of new to the hobby.  Can you help us learn more?
    Yes, we can help introduce you to new birding communities, apps, field guides, classes, and local birding events. We can recommend a ton of different books and go over the basics of binoculars, identification and bird feeding. We even have a special binder that we give to our feeder filling customers to help them learn new birds, songs, and interesting facts. Our advice is to always take things slow, learn a thing or two a day, and enjoy the ride!
  • What types of feeder setups are most common?
    We setup many types of feeders, but some of the most common are the bluebird nest box, a two, three, or four arm feeding station, a decorative feeding station, a goldfinch feeding station, and a hummingbird feeding station.
  • What are some of the most sought after common feeder birds?
    Some of the most sought after birds include the Northern Cardinal, Eastern Bluebird, Baltimore Oriole, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Carolina Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, and the Rose-breasted Grosbeak.
  • How often will you refill the feeders?  Can you fill them while I am on vacation?
    We will come as often as you want, but the most typical timeframe is once a week. In general we like to make sure the food is staying fresh and is rotated properly. We have many customers who work from home and enjoy watching the birds out the window and sometimes they enjoy quicker fill-ups and we make that happen too. Yes, we can bring out the seed and fill up the feeders when you are on vacation. This way when you come back the birds will still be there and happy to see you!
  • Can I gift this service to a loved one?
    This is a popular gift idea for Mother’s and Father’s Day, but many others give this gift to their parents. Many loving sons and daughters know that their parents might need a hand with the squirrels, racoons, the trips to the store, or the heavy bags of seed and cleanup. Just let us know what your plans are and we can adjust our consultation for any occasion. We also offer gift cards for that special someone.
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